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Basic Rulebook – 3rd Edition (German)

This book contains all the rules for Spherechild as well as two complete world descriptions with bestiary, campaign suggestions and a total of three introductory adventures.

The sphere of Valcreon is characterized by the elements of fantasy, which does not know machines and blasting powder, but whose wizards create their own fantastic world. Magic is integrated into everyday life, whether it’s healing diseases or the great teleportation circles that can transport a person hundreds of miles in an instant.

Sol Thu’ma is science fiction, a galaxy with many solar systems at the center of one of the largest and oldest spheres. Faster-than-light starships facilitate trade between peoples. Supercomputers lead science and medicine into a new flowering, but peace is threatened by the fanatical Amad, who want to advance into the center of Sol Thu’ma.

The interactive PDF and the printed softcover book of the basic rulebook can be found at DriveThruRPG.

Basic Rulebook 3rd Ed. (German) – Paperback

The paperback version of Spherechild contains the complete basic rulebook on DIN A5 format with more than 300 pages at an entry-level price of 10 Euros.

It is available at the following retailers:

Sphärenmeister Spiele
Uhrwerk Verlag
Lurch and llama

Icros – The third Sphere (German)

Icros was occupied for decades by alien invaders called Ekla until they were driven out in a sacrificial war. The characters are shifters, alien hybrids who used to do the Ekla’s dirty work but were left behind when they escaped. At that time, the vengefulness of the inhabitants was unleashed on them, even though they were also slaves of Ekla. Only because they are outwardly indistinguishable from the population, a few tens of thousands survived this hunt. But the shapeshifters swore revenge on their creators, who left them in this world.

This time is not far off, because the satellites of the community of states receive signals from an alien space fleet. The Ekla return.

Icros’ interactive PDF and printed softcover book can be found at DriveThruRPG.

Adventure campaign 1 (German)

Welcome to the first part of the Spherechild campaign “The Disciples of Kelghu”.
In this first part – “The Way of the Assassin” – the events from the Spherechild basic rulebook are recorded. At the end of the campaign, one of the sources can be closed, but to do so, the characters need four powerful artifacts, which are in the possession of the Kelghu Order. As if this were not difficult enough, another Vhoort tries to protect the Kelghu disciples from the Sphere Children.
Spherechildtypically, The Way of the Assassin is set on both Valcreon and Sol Thu’ma, with the emphasis on the fantasy sphere of Valcreon.

The interactive PDF of the first campaign volume can be found at DriveThruRPG.

Teromberg – Capital of the Sinitic Empire (German)

For centuries Teromberg, the capital of the Sinitic Empire, has been the pride of the Sinitic people. It is considered impregnable, a center of culture and trade, and one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. But in the shadow of the magnificent walls and buildings, a bloody battle for power rages in the city.
This expansion for the role-playing game Spherechild contains hundreds of building descriptions, a detailed account of the power structure, and introductions to the city’s most influential figures, from the nobility to the citizenry to the criminal underworld.
Finally, the player characters are drawn into Teromberg’s power struggle themselves through an assignment that could shift the power structure in the city.

Teromberg’s interactive PDF and printed softcover book can be found at DriveThruRPG.

Adventure campaign 2 (German)

The second part of the campaign – “The Ominous Journey” – picks up the events from the first campaign volume.
The Kelghars have raided the Xehil Temple in Adirak and stolen important documents about powerful artifacts – the Amulets of Concealment. The characters must pursue the Kelghu believers, even if it takes them into Kar territory.
In typical Spherechild fashion, the adventure takes place on both Valcreon and Sol Thu’ma, with the focus on the fantasy sphere of Valcreon.

The interactive PDF can be found at DrivethruRPG.

The Sinitic Empire (German)

This publication from the Valcreon sphere is dedicated to the Sinitic Empire, its turbulent history and the fifteen principalities with their different cultures.
The book concludes with a major campaign that takes the characters throughout the kingdom.

Teromberg’s interactive PDF and printed softcover book can be found at DriveThruRPG.

Adventure volume 1 (German)

This collection of Spherechild scenarios and location descriptions is detached from the current campaign and can be run with little preparation. These are in detail:

* The treasure map
* The magic bracelets
* The warfare agent
* The long night
* The factory hall
* The bridge

The interactive PDF of the adventure book can be found at DriveThruRPG.