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Spherechild quickstarter (German version)
An introduction to Spherechild. The quickstarter contains the abridged rules as well as information about the spheres Valcreon (Fantasy) and Sol Thu’ma (SciFi). Eight ready-made characters and the adventure “Secrets in deep space” allow you to start playing right away.

Spherechild quickstarter(English version) – release on March 24, 2023.

Maps, inserts and lists

The map of the Sinite Empire
On this map all smaller and larger cities of the Sinite Empire are marked.

Teromberg – city map
City map of Teromberg in low resolution for download.

Download the map of Valcreon sphere in low resolution.

Teromberg – Sewerage
Download the map of the sewerage system of Teromberg.

Teromberg – Building List (German version)
The building list of Teromberg in alphabetical order for download.

Sheets for the game master screen (German version)
This document contains six pages with the most important tables of Spherechild. It is suitable for use with the universal game master screen.

Character sheets and characters

Character sheet 3.0 interactive (German version)
The Spherechild character sheet as a PDF to fill out on screen or for use in online rounds.

Premade characters (German version)
The document contains twelve pre-made characters, four each for the spheres of Valcreon, Sol Thu’ma and Icros.

Quickstarter characters (German version)
In this PDF you will find the short characters from the intro booklet in good resolution for printing.

Quickstarter – New short characters (German version)
Four more short characters for the Spherechild quickstarter, two each for Valcreon and two for Sol Thu’ma. They are the Sinite war dancer Irmina Idan, the Ban Ristha technician Nanthara Nolv, the Qwe assassin Yssano Zarsoss and the Ban Ristha pilot Olviros Onthim.

New characters (German version)
The four pre-made characters Irmina Idan, Nanthara Nolv, Yssano Zarsoss and Olviros Onthim on the game sheet.

Wizard character sheet (German version)
The blank character sheet with more space for noting spell skills.

Character sheet without small sheet (German version)
On this blank charactersheet, the character play sheet on the back has been removed in favor of tables for normal skills and weapon skills.

Character sheet 3.0 (German version)
The blank character sheet out of the basic rulebook for creating your own characters.

English versions

Quickstarter short characters (English Version)
This PDF contains the short characters from the english quickstarter in good resolution for printing.