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The rules

Spherechild is a universal role-playing game. The basic rulebook contains all rules as well as the fully fleshed out worlds Valcreon (Fantasy) and Sol Thu’ma (SciFi). Also available is the supplementary book of the world Icros.

Create characters with your own ideas
The Spherechild rulebook provides a framework and allows a lot of freedom in creating characters. By freely choosing skills, developing an individual background and creating their own powers, the player has the greatest possible design possibilities. They can choose between two methods of creation, one based on dice or the other based on points.

Fast rules with optional features
The rule system is intuitive, clear and fast. This idea covers all aspects, from combat, to the increase system, to magic, and supports the typical Spherechild gameplay.
Some sections contain additional, optional rules with more details (e.g., aimed hits) or provide an alternative to existing rules (e.g., initiative).

Create an infinite cosmos
Spherechild allows the creation of spheres of any kind, according to the ideas and preferences of the players. Due to their universal framework, the rules remain the same across all the spheres and do not need to be adapted. Universal rules mean that the rules remain the same for all possible types of spheres and do not need to be adjusted.

dventures across the spheres
The spheres are not independent from one another, they are connected. Unusual events on one sphere can have an effect on others. This idea allows adventures that confront the characters with completely new challenges.

More details about the rules can be found in the free downloadable intro booklet.