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Adventure 1

The last contact with the Audentia

In this adventure, the players fight against a Vhoort who wants to achieve a catastrophic echo by destroying several systems on Sol Thu’ma (ST ) and assassinating the Sinitic king on Valcreon (V) at the same time.

The assignemt (ST)

The group is ordered by Enraji Energija to check on a research vessel called Audentia, with which contact has been lost.

On the ship (ST)

As it turns out, the entire crew of Dr. Ziojiomi, the lead scientist, has been murdered. He then converted the ship’s new, experimental reactor into a bomb that will destroy several inhabited systems (Cormalon, Daree Sark, Dimae, Racanis) in a few hours if the removed component is not reused.

The reactor is guarded by a practically invincible combat robot (see GRW p. 219 for values), which can only be deactivated with a key. The key, the missing component and Dr. Ziojiomi have disappeared. The only trace is a small glass vial left behind by the scientist, which comes from Valcreon.

If a member of the group on Sol Thu’ma concentrates on sending the vial back and his partner on Valcreon concentrates on receiving the vial, it can be returned to its original sphere. (This is always possible, but only to bring transported objects back to their original world).

The Alchemist (V)

Using the vial, the group locates Averoo, a master of the Alchemists’ Guild (see Teromberg p. 46), who created the potion. He identifies the buyer as Mero Metorek, a Sinitic nobleman who, in addition to the potion, has also ordered a delivery of rare ingredients for a ritual.

Taruu, the alchemist’s apprentice, can lead the group to the nobleman’s house, which is located in the royal quarter of Teromberg.

The house (V)

The group infiltrates the house and reconstructs Mero Metorek’s plan to assassinate the Sinitic king, Deserion I, during the jubilee celebrations. Together with some Kelghars (see GRW p. 152 for values) and the missing component as a source of energy, he wants to summon a powerful demon to kill the king in the arena.

There is still no trace of the component or the nobleman, but the group is able to recover the key and send it back.

Switch off the robot (ST)

The group can use the key to deactivate the combat robot. The reactor is now easily accessible.

In the arena (V)

The group enters the arena and confronts the Kelgharen, but Mero Metorek (a Vhoort) disappears before the battle for the missing component can begin.

Back on the ship (ST)

Dr. Ziojiomi (the same Vhoort) reappears on the ship and confronts the group.

The fight (ST & V)

The groups on both worlds fight a simultaneous battle against their respective opponents. The Kelghars try to complete the ritual. The scientist tries to make the reactor explode. After all, the groups can hold their own in both worlds.

Note: It is advisable to switch between the spheres round by round during the battle. In this way, it is possible to send the component from Valcreon to Sol Thu’ma during the battle if the partners concentrate on it for one and the same round. This prevents the demon from being summoned and allows the reactor to be stabilized during the battle. Alternatively, both battles can also be played one after the other.

The end (ST & V)

The missing component will now be sent back to Sol Thu’ma at the latest. The group there is able to repair the reactor and prevent the explosion.

The groups on both worlds are generously rewarded. The group on Valcreon is knighted by the king in the arena.

Appendix (ST)

  • Enraji Energija (client, Enrajian technology group)
  • Audentia (research vessel)
  • Dr. Ziojiomi, called “Dr. Impossible” (Vhoort or chief scientist, Enraji)
  • Cormalon, Daree Sark, Dimae, Racanis (systems threatened by the bomb)

Appendix (V)

  • Teromberg (capital of the Sinitic Empire)
  • Deserion I (King, Sinite)
  • Averoo (Alchemist, Moran)
  • Taruu (Alchemist’s apprentice, Moran)
  • Mero Metorek (Vhoort or nobleman, Sinite)